The Benefits of Weathering Steel

The Benefits of Weathering Steel

Rust is an occurrence which most engineers are trying to avoid but in weathering steel it is a desirable phenomenon. Also known as Corten Steel, weathering steel is characterized by what the American Steel Construction Institute (AISC) describes as ‘useful corrosion,’ in which natural rust not only extends the lifecycle of a weathering steel structure but also saves time and money in painting and maintenance. Rust on weathering steel sheets is not a sign of deterioration, as with corrosive steel sheets, in reality, it is just the exact reverse.

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Corten, which has been trademarked by the United States Steel Corporation (USS), is the well-known weathering steel brand name. Corten was initially assigned the A242 ASTM standard designation but is now known by A606, the newer ASTM category for steel sheets and coils. Weathering steel was deliberately produced with limited amounts of iron, phosphorus, chromium, nickel, and silicon. When exposed to weather, these materials allow Corten steel sheets to form a layer of rust, excluding the need for paint.

However, rather than ruining the metal, rust works to protect Corten against further corrosion. When exposed to moisture and oxygen, weathering steel sheets which initially look instead of an unremarkable form a protective barrier of rust, that barrier ultimately seals the exposed sheets of Corten steel against the very elements that first caused them to rust. “This stable barrier layer resists much further corrosion, reducing it to a low value,” according to AISC.

Weathering steel is often very durable, low maintenance and cost-effective. The weathering steel’s plentiful benefits make Corten steel sheets suitable for structural and architectural projects such as bridges, roofing, and open-framed buildings. Bridges built with Corten have been known to last with minimal maintenance for up to 120 years, involving regular inspections and cleaning. Since weathering steel does not require painting, constructors may thus avoid the health problems concerning volatile organic compounds present in different paints.

Weathering steel’s popularity may also be explained, in part, by its attractive look. Designed with Corten steel sheets, the systems carry on the reddish-orange rust colour. As the rust deepens with further exposure to the environment, the steel sheets develop a deep russet patina which is found attractive by many people.

Because of its considerable benefits, Corten Steel has been well received by a community of architects and design engineers. Weathering steel has demonstrated potential to survive long-term use, thus having limited maintenance. Structures designed with ASTM A242 Corten steel Plates,  do not require paint, which is suitable for the climate and the end product. Weathering steel sheets also develop a rust patina that does not harm the Corten but beautifies it instead. Weathering steel is beautiful and practical, and an excellent building material.

The Benefits of Weathering Steel

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