Why Choose SS316 Seamless Tube for Industries and Applications?

Why Choose SS316 Seamless Tube for Industries and Applications?

Here, SS316 is an austenitic grade of stainless-steel that shows commercial importance as same as that of 304 degrees. The material consists of an additional amount of molybdenum that offers enhanced corrosion resistance. Besides, the products of SS316 are apparent for crevice and pitting corrosion in the presence of chloride. More specifically, SS316 seamless Tube can withstand harsh environmental conditions due to various components in a well-defined amount. Several features of SS316 Seamless Tube makes them useful for industrial applications.

Austenitic structure

The structure of stainless steel 316 offers outstanding toughness to tubes and allows them to work even below cryogenic temperatures. These tubes are available with bright polishing and a superior finish. SS 316 stainless steel tubes hold superb toughness; they are weldable and work smoothly irrespective of whether. Grade 316 is usually known as marine grade. But these tubes are suitable for stress corrosion cracking above the temperature of 60°C.

Heat resistance ability

SS 316 seamless tubes show heat resistance to the intermittent temperature of 870°C and continuous service to 925°C.


SS 316 seamless tubes show good fabrication ability, and it is performed with specific tools defined for stainless steel only. Before tooling, it is essential to clean the work surfaces thoroughly. This cleaning helps in preventing the cross-contamination of stainless steel and discoloration of the fabricated product.

Reasonable price

The products of SS316, i.e., SS316 seamless Tube, are available in standard format at affordable rates. Also, they strictly align with the specifications and requirements defined for particular operation.

Well defined composition

SS316 Tube contains various elements at different concentrations such as chromium 16%, nickel 10%, and molybdenum 2-3%. Molybdenum offers resistance and makes tubes suitable for industrial solvents. Besides, stainless steel 316 tubes show non-reactive qualities which makes them useful in industrial applications. The higher percentage of nickel and molybdenum makes stainless steel seamless tubes applicable for aggressive environments. Also, it makes these SS316 Seamless Tube full for the chloride environment.

Tensile strength

SS 316 seamless tube has good tensile strength, and they show minimum elongation ability. Besides, these seamless tubes have moderate yield strength and 75 (ksi) tensile strength.

Cold and hot working

Cold Working of grade 316 seamless tube increases the strength and hardness. Ultimately product becomes useful for industrial activities. Simultaneously, hot working ensures optimum corrosion resistance to these tubes.

Why Choose SS316 Seamless Tube for Industries and Applications?

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