Quality Policies

Quality Assurance Plan

Strict quality assurance system is being followed in all our departments and Total Qulaity Management is applied to streamline and all the procedures and practices in operation to achieve high standard of efficiency. Contionious efforts are being made for improvement of materials technology and equipments to give best quality products at the most affordable prices. The quality assurance department oversees all important quality functions and performs the following activities :

1) The system controls the quality of all incoming materials as per the raw material test certificate of the material. Randomly checking in each size for chemical and physical properties at government approved laboratory ( NABL approved).

2) During forming pressing forging and heat treatment process control system outlines in process checks and controls to be followed during heat treatment and testing.

3) Suitable Japanese techniques like kanban and pokayoke are used to maintain the accuracy of all the stages of production.

4) Materials are supplied with test certificate as per approved QAP. Test certificates incorporate chemical composition, mechanical properties hardness detail of heat treatment ultrasonic test radiography test and stamping details

5) We also do PMI (Positive Material Identification) of all materials before offering for inspection to our client.

6) Client is called for Inspection of materials. After acceptance materials are packed as per standard requirements and dispatched immediately.

Reliable Quality Goods for Quality Projects...

  • Our main objective is customer satisfaction.
  • We believe in bridging the gap in the industry by providing materials that cannot be supplied by manufacturers.
  • We develop quality objectives at appropriate level to ensur those requirements are effectively addressed in our business.
  • We are fully committed to continuous improvement as a strategic approach to achieve these quality objectives.
  • Our policy and associated quality objectives are reviewed and communicated to all employees on a regular basis.